Imaging Diagnostics

  • Screen of over 100 different medications
  • Medically necessary confirmations in unsuspected positives and

  • Two available genetic profile and urine matching programs
  • New approved CPT codes

Hours of reporting turnaround after receiving pathogen test


Number of available tests from in-network labs and hospitals

Imaging Diagnostics

Medication monitoring has become the standard of care for clinicians that are prescribing narcotics, sedative/hypnotics, anxiolytic or ADHD medications. Health practitioners need to be assured of three things before and after these medications are begun.

• Is the patient taking similar medication from another source?
• Are they using illicit medications?
• Are the medications being taken by the patient or are the being diverted?
Urine drug testing is a convenient and affordable means of assessing patient compliance with a clinicians treatment plan.

Expanding Panels

We offer comprehensive urine screening and confirmation services for substance abuse programs, medical offices and long-term care facilities. Our labs are constantly expanding test panel(s) to stay current with new medications, illicit drugs, and controlled substances.

Advanced Technology

Our advanced technology is equipped with the industry’s most precise detection levels, to ensure the highest sensitivity and most accurate reporting. Increased sensitivity allows for enhanced detection of individual drugs and metabolites using a minimal volume of specimen.